We are two awesome Year 5 classes from Nexus International School in Singapore. Our teachers are Stephanie Thompson and William Lowe.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kindness Boomerang

One of the videos that 5B made for our assembly was the Kindness Boomerang. First we watched the original video and then thought about ways we could take action at Nexus to make someone's day a little more awesome.

What small action have you taken recently to make a person in your life feel happy?

What effect did that action have on you?


  1. Hi good eve,

    This video realy shows a one kind move can make a big difference and it can influence a lot of people to be kind whith one another. It's a really good idea that 5-B had created a video like this because it can give most of us an energy to learn and explore more about kindness.

    How can we share this with other classes and schools?


  2. Hello,
    I really like the idea of making a kindness boomerang because it shows how random acts of kindness can make someones day better.

    What random act of kindness are you going to do to make someone's day?

    From Lexi

  3. This is a perfect example for Have A Heart week and how being kind inspires others to be kind. It will be shared for all the Secondary school to see tomorrow - great job!

  4. hello

    l agree with Lexi l to loved the idear l hope the secondary liked it. It was very fun let's see if the secondary dose l kindness boomerang or dose somthing like it