We are two awesome Year 5 classes from Nexus International School in Singapore. Our teachers are Stephanie Thompson and William Lowe.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Our awesome assembly!

Year 5 were proud to present the first learner-led assembly of 2014. The students were very excited to create and share videos of their learning. We will share some of the videos in the next few days.

This officially brings to a close our unit of inquiry about how people express their feelings. But the learning doesn't stop here!

Where do you think feelings come from and why?

How do you plan to change the way you express your feelings? 

How will you change the way you speak and interact with the people in your life?


  1. Hi
    our assembly was really fun I hope everybody else had a fun assembly like us if you even have assemblies.

    I think feelings come from the brain because when someone does something nice for you and your brain reacts to that and goes to help them or an another person that happens because your brain sends a signal to your body and makes you do that.

    I plan to change how I speak to other people and interact, bye saying hello to people and helping them and also help my mom and dad around my baby sister.

    I plan to change my feelings, like if someone helps me ill smile at them.

    Were do you think feelings come from?

  2. Hi
    I think that your feelings come from different parts of your body, such as when someone makes you angry by maybe saying "your really stupid!" you feel it in your hands because you want to punch them because they're being horrible, but you can overcome retaliating by using your brain to tell yourself not to do it.So you feel annoyed and sad. But feelings usually come from your brain
    where do you think feelings come from?


  3. hi
    I think the assembly was very fun as me as the camera man.
    and yes I know where feelings come from the head and the heart
    I think the way to express your feelings is to tell someone what you feel like.
    and I think you should talk to your friends in a nice way and keep the conversation going on

  4. Hi
    I think that feelings come from your head and your heart because the nervous system goes all over your body so you can get feelings from your head or your heart but I am not so sure.
    I dont think that I should change my actions because I like the way I act because when I get hurt by words I go to the teacher and tell her that I am upset and then she goes to the person and tells him but I dont do that all the time because then people make me feel like a person that tells all the time but I am used to it.
    I think that when I talk to someone I should not shout when they make me angry and I will interact a bit more collaboratively.

    How will you speak and interact differently? (only if you want to)

    Nexus learner

  5. Hi
    The assembly was the best ever! I think that feelings come from your heart because when you feel love you get a strong felling from your heart and it's the same with other feelings. Next time I get angry I will get a stress ball and squeeze it instead of taking the blame out on other people. And be more helpful and kind to others when I interact with them. I will express my feelings with words to let that person knows how I feel from their actions.

    How did you interact with others today?


  6. Hi

    I am happy to be starting an another unit but im sad to be leaving our feelings unit of inquiry!
    I think feelings are from the brain and the heart but i also think that the brain tells the heart how to react and then your body takes over.
    I plan to change my feelings so that i dont go all angry if someone affounds me or hurts me and dont go to sad to.
    I shall change the way speak by being more polite like saying hello to people in the morning.

    How shall you change the way you interact with others?


  7. Hi,
    I think that feelings come from anywhere in your body. It depends where your feeling it.
    where do you think feelings come from???


  8. yo
    I think feelings come from anywhere.It like where you desire feelings to be.
    where do you think feelings come from?

  9. Hi
    we did a lot of green screening and lots of videos and it was hard. We had a lot of fun though and a lot team work. We did the kindness boomerang and I chose the music. I did have a hard time trying to find the song and then I found the one I liked. It was called Love Love Love. have you ever heard this song and do have assemblies that you have to do team work. We were doing this for our assembly.

    From Felicity

  10. Hello Charlie,
    I think our feelings come from our brains because when we are sad our brain sends a signal to us and makes us cry.

    Where do you think our feelings come from?

    From Lexi

  11. Hi
    This assembly was the very first assembly of 2014(For us at least). I think our class did better than we have ever done before.I think that feelings come from the heart and the brain because i think that feelings are created from the brain the it tells the heart and then the heart lets out all the feelings and emotions to make it happen then the heart and the brain work together. Where do you think your feelings come from.

  12. Hi
    I think that feelings come from your head and heart because my feeling come from my head and heart.


  13. Hi
    I thing the feeling come form in us hart, because went you thing some thing was very happy and your heart like a monkey in your heart very naughty, so that why I thing feeling come form.

    How did you feeling today


  14. Hi,
    I thought the assembly was amazing all the videos were amazing and the presenters did great and everyone was a great audience. I was so proud of the Kindness boomerang because the actors and actress were so good and i am proud of Benji and William taking part of the camera workers. I also took part with the camera work it was fun to shoot different scenes with all the people that took part as the actors and actress made the hole thing perfect and easy to work. What was your favourite video


    1. hello
      I quite liked the kindness boomerang as well because some of it was really good but other parts were not as good.what other video's did you like?

  15. Gary
    The assembly was very awesome and it was funny. I think the feelings in your body comes from the heart and the head because when you feel scared your heart will start to pump very fast.
    why is there many videos and less movie.\?

  16. Hi
    This assembly was great! The presenters were very confidence, and the videos were excellent!
    The one that were about senses, I think our feelings come from our hearts and our brains.
    Because our brains can understand the word and feel it in the heart.

  17. Hi

    I think feelings come from your brain and your heart . I think that is comes from your heart and brain because first of all when you are sad your brain and heart

  18. Hi

    I think our feelings come from our brain because your brain can change your emotions or feelings. our brain that know all the thinking and our brain processes cognitive thoughts. but sometimes I got confuse because other people said that Our feelings come from our heat?
    How do our feelings change?
    Why our brain is higher than our heart?


  19. Hi,

    I think feelings come from the head, because once someone does, says or gives to you the brain is telling the rest of the body to react to this act of kindness, horror, romance or fear.

    What would you recommend?

    Do feelings come from the head or the heart?